Tuesday, January 6, 2009


So this is the first time I've ever done anything like this. I have never wrote anything for someone else to read. Too shy or embarassed I guess. Also I never thought anyone would care to read what I had to write. But as I have been thumbing through some random blogs, I found that I enjoy reading what others have to say. So this is just something new I'm trying out. I don't know if I'll like it, or if I'll ever do it again. But this is my first step-because it's been way too long since I've tried something new!


  1. Well good for you, off to a new adventure. If you comment on some blogs and invite them to drop by for a visit, someone will start to follow your blog! Looking forward to the next post. In regards to the chair, the cop told me that there have been 20 to 30 vandalism reports filed in the last couple of weeks. Makes mad them come up that close to the house. I was yelling shut up to the dogs for barking!! Who would of thought they really heard something.

  2. Arlene, welcome to the world of blog. Glad to have you here.

    Congratualtions on your baby boy, I only had girls myself but my oldest daughter has brought two boys into the family and we love them to pieces.

    I wished the blog thing had been around when I was a young mommy, I have many empty mother journals and baby books with very little in them, but this blog thing makes writing so much easier.

    My mom was an English teacher and the bar was too high for me, so I rarely wrote. Only when I had to and then it was always a gut wrencher. But like I said this blog thing makes it much easier, and lets a lot of stuff out. So I hope you continue to exercise your risk muscle. I will look forward to hearing about your sweet little boy and coffee slinging. (My second oldest is a coffee slinger too.)

  3. Hello Arlene
    Welcome to the world of blogging, always good to have a new venture in a new year. Now you have the first words down it will get easier.

    Look forward to hearing about about life in the coffee shop and about that lovely little boy of yours. Nicknames are all we need.

    Take care

  4. Welcome! I encourage you to write from the heart and enjoy it. You'll find a lot of friendly folks in blogland.

  5. Send here by Marla: It is always fun to start something new....I think you will enjoy just writing down what you feel....Tell us something about yourself, where were you born, are you married? Do you have kids? Is it cold where you live? What are your hobbies? Do you live in the country or in the city? Did you like high school? Go on to college? Like to sew or cook? There are lots of things that you can share with us if you feel like it. Maybe you could have a theme blog..... My blog is on frugal living and I try to post things that will help people save money or get out of debt.....I sometimes give recipes or tell a little about my family. If I get excited about something that I am doing, I will talk about that.....Something about me: I am a ham radio operator and just love talking to my friends on the radio....I am there for emergencies, like our recent hurricane IKE....Well we are hoping to hear more from you....Don't be too shy!

  6. Hello Arlene

    It's nice to meet you, well in a virtual way. I just started blogging a few months ago and like you wondered if I really had anything to say that people would be interested in.

    I love reading about other people that I will probably never get to meet, where they live and their daily lives. I don't know what a coffe barrista is but I would love to know. Maybe you could tell us. Even though I'm British I never drink tea, only coffee, it has to be good coffee though. No instant or filtered stuff

    So tell us more about yourself and your family, especially your little boy. They're absolutely gorgeous at that age, it's one of my favourite ages for babies, they're developing their characters, moving about more too. You can catch them at this age and they don't ask for money! Enjoy it.

  7. Arlene
    I started my blog a little over four years ago and I hated to write. Give it a good attempt and hopefully you'll find out how much fun it really can be. It's amazing how one little event can be turned into a great post. It's kind of like the line in the field of dreams, "If you write it, we will read it."
    Give it a shot.

  8. Hi Arlene and welcome to the world of blogging. I have been blogging for over a year now. Nothing special. Just a bunch of ramblings. My friend started her blog about a year ago. She didn't know if she would continue or stop with her first entry. Almost 400 posts later, she is going strong and loving every minute. Keep at it. You will meet a lot of nice people, that you will call friends. It was nice to meet you Arlene. I'll stop back later. Lisa

  9. Hey Arlene, welcome to blogging!

    I like to read first posts and a lot of time I go find them way after if I come onto a blog that has been going.

    I am glad to be one of your first commenters. Cliff and Rachel were my first commenters. They still read my blog and I read theirs. Very likely you will be hearing from them. Cliff is a mess, Rachel is a nice lady.

    You can read the blogs I write, three of them are listed in my profile. I write just a lot of nothing an a little something. A lot is journal like. Quite a bit is about my dog, Adi.

    One rule is that if you want people to read your blog then read theirs and leave a comment. If they don't leave comments back on yours stop reading theirs unless you really like what they wrote.
    Everyone likes to get comments.

    You can link to me if you like and I will link to your blog. That would be an honor for me.

  10. I meant to tell you also that your blog 'is nice looking.'

    I did sign up as a follower, I will keep on checking on you. Now post another blog.

    Tell us what you did the last few days, that will be fine. Or what hubby did, but don't get him upset about writing things he doesn't want told.
    Mrs. Jim censors mine! She liked the pictures of her I chose for today's.

    I have been gone for a couple of weeks. Retirment things.

    And now, "We just returned to the cold (30's around here in the evenings last couple of nights) from a 10 day Caribbean cruise on the Queen Mary 2."

    I have started to blog again now after a two week break (did put on a poem on the other blog yesterday). I hope I can keep up now but it may still be slow going for me.
    -->So come see me at Jim's Little Blog <--

  11. So here's the deal Arlene, you write I read. I write you read. That's all there is to it. Nothing you write needs to mean anything. Except to you of course.
    The rules are...there are no rules.

  12. Welcome to Blogdom!
    It's a lot of fun here.
    Marla sent me.

  13. Always nice to have new people in our blogesphere. Look forward to more from you.

  14. Arlene,

    Welcome to blogville. I do hope you write other posts. I'm sure you will find it enjoyable and it can be therapeutic at times.

    Looking forward to getting to know you better.


  15. Hi Arlene! Welcome to the blogosphere! :) I came over here from Marla's blog. Blogging is addictive so be careful. :)

    Seriously I have met so many wonderful ladies here, I know I would have a hard time leaving.

    Looking forward to getting to know you better.
    Rich blessings to you!

  16. Welcome to the Bolgosphere, Arlene! I look forward to reading more about you. This is a great group of folks you've got visiting here.